What is a humanist funeral?

A humanist (non-religious) funeral ceremony has a similar shape to a religious service although its focus is very much on the person who has died and not on a specific belief. (You may like to watch the short film I've made about this.) 

How do we plan a humanist funeral?

Put simply, we plan the humanist funeral ceremony together.
We speak on the phone to arrange a time and a place for our meeting (if you would like one), which is invariably at your home address, and we then speak face-to-face for roughly thirty minutes until we have agreed a basic framework together. Rest assured, I will help in any way I can, and if you've no idea where to start and have never done this before please don't worry - I will guide you through the process step by step, and we will sort it out.

Order of Service
If you wish we can put together a booklet (Order of Service). This is not set in stone and can be changed according to your wishes. Time is often a factor, in that we generally only have about 30 minutes for the ceremony in total (although some chapels offer 45) or even, at Kemnal Park in Sidcup, an hour.

What are your fees?

My fee for the funeral service is £220, a portion of which goes to Humanists UK, who use it to fund the training of new Ministers, as well as to ensure the ongoing peer-review of existing ones.

'Mark, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the part you played in making Dad’s funeral special. You were absolutely brilliant in bringing everything together and made the service run so smoothly. The whole family was very grateful to you and after it was all over friends and family were saying how well it went and were singing your praises. We all felt very lucky that you were there to share a sad day that later became a happy one.'

Eileen, London