What happens at a humanist wedding?

A typical wedding ceremony consists of the following elements:

* Music (for the Entrance of the Bridal Party)
* Welcome by Minister
* A Little Background on the Couple
* Thoughts on Marriage
* A Reading
* The Wedding Vows
* A Second Reading
* The Exchange of Wedding Rings
* The Affirmation
* Music (for Exit of Bride & Groom)

Many couples opt for further readings, a communal song, hand-fasting vows, personal statements (that they read to each other for the first time on the day), and even a signing of the register, which, although not a binding, legal document, acts as a visual treat that reassures those guests who are seeking a more formal side to the proceedings.

Some couples enjoy the drama of my asking: ‘Is there anyone here who knows why these two persons may not be joined in matrimony ...’but it is up to you to decide if that appeals! The 'affirmation' simply gives everyone the chance to join in as they all cry: ‘We do!’ and ‘We will!’, when asked if they'll support the couple through their married life.

What are your fees?

My fee for conducting a wedding is £600. This includes all and any meetings, all travel & communication, scripting, a rehearsal and delivery on the day, and you also receive a special copy of your ceremony, which is printed on ferociously expensive paper. 

‘Mark - it was awesome! Thank you so much for adding to the build-up and pulling off a spectacularly wonderful humanist wedding ceremony. I think pretty much everyone has said that it was the most personal, romantic, moving ceremony that they have ever been to. Thank you!

PS - We have some pics (with you in), which we will forward if you are interested and I think you may be in line for a few more bookings!’

     Sharon and Gordon, Kent