Funerals:When my father died in 1998 we had a humanist funeral for him and this was conducted with quiet dignity (and no little humour) by someone who is now a colleague. I emerged from the funeral wanting other families to have the option we had had, so I applied to train as a humanist funeral celebrant there and then. I care deeply about each ceremony I lead and I strive to make each one an occasion to celebrate a person's life as well as to acknowledge the emotion of the day. 

Weddings: I find conducting weddings uplifting, moving and unique. Once I had completed funeral training I trained for weddings, too, which meant I was able to conduct my sister's wedding, a day neither of us will ever forget! I have been conducting weddings for almost a decade now and you can see a film of me in action on the home page

Namings: These are truly the most wonderful occasions and they are a reassuring alternative to those parents who wish to mark the bestowing of a child's name without having to have any religious influence or content. They're great fun and high-energy events... anything can happen! 

In a previous life I worked as an actor before becoming a full-time celebrant in 2005. I'm glad I took the decision to completely change the course of my life as I find it much more rewarding to help other people rather than continually ask other people for help! Please read my funeral and wedding testimonials if you have time...

For a relaxed, no obligation chat about your forthcoming wedding, funeral or naming ceremony please call me on 07932 888737 or send an email to: - thank you.