There's only one word in humanist that really matters...

1. If there are no hymns or prayers isn't the humanist wedding a little ... cold?

Not at all. The non-religious wedding ceremony is infinitely more moving than a religious one because it is solely about the couple, their family and friends. What could be warmer or more apt? 

2. Is the humanist wedding ceremony legal?

It is in Scotland but not, alas, in England and Wales. It is hoped that common sense will prevail in the near future and that legislation will be put in place to ensure humanist marriages become legal, and when this happens it will do away with the need for a Registry Office ceremony altogether...

3. Where can humanist weddings take place?

Anywhere you choose. There is no need for a licence so the venue can be wherever you want it to be. Popular London venues include The Asylum in Camberwell, The Altitude Tower, 1 Great George Street, the Fitzrovia Chapel and even Tower Bridge!

4. Where are you based, Mark, and where can you conduct weddings?

I am based in South London but I conduct wedding ceremonies throughout the UK as well as in Europe and the wider world. The furthest I have ever been for a wedding is Mexico... outstanding!